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HomelatestMinister Kills Wife, And Commits Suicide!

Minister Kills Wife, And Commits Suicide!

Pakistan Minister Shot His wife And Committed Suicide

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A recent incident that took place in Pakistan left everyone in shock. Going by the first-hand reports, a senior Pakistani Minister shot his wife and later committed suicide. The Sindh province in Pakistan turned out to be home for this blizzard incident. Mir Hazar Khan Bijrani, from the PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) and Minister for Urban Planning and Development, shot his journalist wife, Fariha Razzaq three rounds, and later shot himself with the same revolver in the couple’s residence in Karachi.

The police immediately rushed to the crime scene and completed the formalities. Karachi South Zone DIG confirmed the Minister shot his first before he committed suicide. Post the forensic lab reports, the authorities established the fact that the bullets are from the same gun.‘We took 6 people into our custody for investigation.

They all stated that the couple was often seen fighting form the past few weeks. Family issues could be one of the reason for his unfortunate incident to take place. Besides this, we are also looking for any foreign group’s involvement in this murder-and-suicide. On hearing the gunshot, the couple son, and helpers broke open the door, that was locked from inside,’ briefed a police officer handling this case.

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