Offers for begging comedian

Pallu Babu begging

Premisthe movie Actor becomes begger

Comedian an Pallu Babu beginning

Tamil comedian Pallu Babu isn’t seen on screen in recent times. As he doesn’t have any offers in industry he is struggling hard financially. Because of his financial condition is very bad this Comedian is begging near a temple. As a result Tamil media who saw Pallu Babu begging made the issue highlights in every possible way.

The news is spread in all the languages. Hence knowing the news one of the famous Tamil director came forward to help Pallu Babu. He gave him instant cash of 1lakh and also offered a role in two of his projects. Furthermore two more directors came forward to help Pallu Babu. Probably Pallu Babu will be back to his pace. For all the help Pallu Babu thanked Tamil media without which his career wouldn’t be back.

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