Rgv ready with his next short film

RGV short film

RGV wants to direct short film on Ramayana story

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma will be always trending in social media because of his controversies. The tweets he does on any kind of situations goes in the society. These days RGV shifted his focus on to YouTube series. Firstly he did a short film named “meri beti sunny Leone Banna chahthe hai” . RGV short film creates a lot of buzz in the media.

In this film , one daughter expresses her desire to become a porn star like Sunny Leoan to her parents. This short film has got a good response from all the audiences​. So RGV is now ready to make another short film. This time Varma wants to touch a very controversial epic story Ramayana. He wants to inflict his version of ramayan to the audience.

He wants to picturize the short film which contains the story when Rama didn’t go to forest leaving Ayodhya. Kaikeyi asks dasharadh maharaj to send Rama to forest. At this point of time how dasharadh feels and what conversation does the both couple have, is the story of the short film. This sounds quite regular but as it is going to be picturised by RGV he adds his own kind of spice to the story and portrays it to the audience.

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