Pandemic Warning: Scientists Warn of ‘Zombie Viruses’


Scientists are warning about a strange pandemic threat, as the frozen ground in the Arctic, called permafrost, is melting. This could release ‘zombie viruses,’ according to a report by The Guardian. These viruses have been buried in the ice for about 48,500 years and could pose a risk of causing a major outbreak and a global medical emergency.

Geneticist Jean-Michel Claverie from Aix-Marseille University emphasized that these Zombie Viruses could potentially lead to a new disease outbreak. Currently, most analyses of pandemic threats focus on diseases that might emerge in warmer regions and spread to colder areas. However, Claverie points out that there is a risk of an outbreak happening in the far north and then spreading south, which has not received enough attention.

To address this, scientists are suggesting the creation of an Arctic monitoring network. This network could help identify early infections and take measures to prevent the spread of ancient diseases. It could also provide quarantine assistance and expert medical treatment to those who are infected.

Scientists point to examples like the nipah virus and monkeypox to illustrate that the resurgence of these ancient viruses may be linked to increased land usage. They argue that activities like mining in or near the region could accelerate the global health risk. Miners, in particular, may be at higher risk of breathing in these ancient viruses that have been dormant for thousands of years.


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