TDP Needs PK Support: Paritala Sunitha

Paritala Sunitha Adverse To Pawan Kalyan

Paritala Sunitha Adverse To Pawan Kalyan

Posted June 4, 2018, 5:10 pm at 17:10

The TDP Minister Paritala Sunitha made some stunning comments on the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan. Expressing the importance of Pawan in the upcoming elections, she revealed her personal wish for the 2019 general elections.Post the 4th formation day of Janasena in Guntur, Pawan shocked the entire TDP by turning against them. Despite his regular potshots on the TDP camp, some of its leaders are still favoring Pawan Kalyan and they feel his influence can bring extra votes to the party which is now lacking the support of BJP in AP.

One of TDP’s Minister’s Paritala Sunitha hoped to bond back with Pawan Kalyan for the upcoming elections of 2019. Talking to the press, she stated that Pawan has been making fast decisions against the TDP as he is still young and hot-blooded. But it will be nice if he still stays as the well-wisher of TDP by bringing up the problems of common people like in the past without fighting with the TDP Government. Sunitha feels that Pawan’s alliance will help TDP hugely if at all the YSRCP and BJP join hands.

Political analysts predict that the TDP Chief CBN who realized the importance of Pawan Kalyan is making his leaders send indirect feelers for the alliance. But the stubborn Pawan Kalyan is not in a mood to get together with TDP once again according to the will of his followers. Janasenani is ready to contest in all the constituencies and already, he readied more than 50 candidates to contest. Keeping one year in hand, Pawan can enlist all the 175 candidates to have a full-fledged contest in 2019.

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