Paruchuri Gopala Krishna Chafing On Bigg Boss 2 Telugu



Bigg Boss is a very commercial game show in the television shows. A continuous game of celebrities in a hose is definitely an interesting thing for the viewers. Actually, this game initially started in Hindi and next spread to Kannda. In Hindi, it started in 2006 and it completed 11 seasons. On September 16th, the Bigg Boss 12 will be started under the host of Salman Khan. In Kannada, it completed 5 seasons, in Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali is running 2nd season, in Marathi and Malayalam, it is on 1st season.


Certainly, it is an attracting game show because of celebrities and can watch their lifestyles from our houses. Though sometimes the actions in the Bigg Boss house lead to problems, the actions are Bigg Boss rules. Generally, some people are showing interest in this show but some are hating it because of some activities in the show. Human Resources Committee also reported in courts about this show. But it still continues because of the support of the audiences. During the show, some housemates make fans with their nature but at the same time losing their fame in the audiences.


Majorly, celebrities don’t comment about the Bigg Boss show and its tasks. Probably, Telugu film industry’s one of the great writers, Paruchuri Gopala Krishna commented about it. We know that Paruchuri Gopala Krishna sir have a YouTube channel and he teaches film story making lessons to the film aspirants. Recently, through that medium, he commented about the tasks. He majorly aimed about the tasks, and women and men equality. That’s why he talked about the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. The video for you…



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