Friday, September 17, 2021
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Paul Weller does not want to go back to normal life

Veteran singer Paul Weller is loving his lockdown life.

In an interview with The Times magazine, Weller spoke about his life amid the COVID pandemic, and why he does not want life to go back to “normal”, reports

“Hasn’t that be nice? Haven’t you noticed all the things you don’t really need and don’t really miss? I love clothes, which is no surprise to anyone, and I thought I’d be tearing my hair out with not being allowed to go shopping. Instead, I’ve been thinking, ‘I’ve got enough clothes, so I’ll do with the ones I have. If nothing else the last few months have given us time to assess and reflect on what’s really important. We’ve seen new working methods spent more time with our families, see how nature can repair itself without us being around. I kind of hope we don’t go back to normal,” said Weller.

He also urged people to maintain a balance in their lives.

“I was in America in January and just seeing the size of the people, man . . . they’re slowly killing themselves. It made me sad, to be honest with you. They are being marketed to eat more, supersize everything, have as much Coca-Cola as they can. It is like the systematic destruction of your own people. Excess doesn’t make us happy. Poverty doesn’t make us happy either, but there has to be a middle ground. Look at how much waste there is in the West. Now is the time to make the changes,” the 62-year-old singer concluded.

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