Pawan questions the responsibilities of Opposition leader


The Janasenani who is on a spree of Public meetings in the East Godavari district didn’t leave the Opposition party in his questioning hour. This time, along with CBN, he pointed out at the YSRCP leaders for their negative comments on the Janasena.Responding to the comments of some YSRCP leaders, Pawan Kalyan in his recent Praja Porata Yatra meeting at Kakinada fumed fire on the Opposition party. He asked them if they feel the minimum responsibility of being in the Opposition of AP Assembly. Janasenani claimed that the leader Jagan failed to fulfill the promises of people who made him the Opposition leader.


Reiterating the fact that Jagan escaping from the Assembly proceedings since ages, Pawan Kalyan declared that Jagan wasted a golden opportunity of mounting pressure on the ruling party TDP for its corrupt governance. Finally, the Janasena Chief declared that Jagan is rather interested in Odarpu Yatra touching and pinching YSRCP followers rather than fighting for AP.The district of East Godavari is filled with anti-TDP votes and Janasena who is currently leading the pre-election buzz is trying its best to bank on these votes. Already YSRCP lost its buzz the moment its Supreme took a U-turn on BC reservations.



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