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HomelatestJanasena Party Meeting Update – Police Find It Hard To Control Fans!

Janasena Party Meeting Update – Police Find It Hard To Control Fans!

pawan Janasena Party Meeting Updates In Guntur

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Janasena Party’s plenary meeting is underway. The meeting is being conducted in a 37-acre open land situated opposite to the Acharya Nagarjuna University. This is the first time a meeting of this scale is being organized by Janasena party. The program is currently running behind the schedule by 90 minutes. But the fans are waiting eagerly, and patiently to listen to their leader, Pawan Kalyan speak.

With huge crowd turnouts than expected, the police are finding it hard to control the crowds. During a mishap, a police constable has been injured, after a dispute broke out between Janasena members and the police.

In another incident, Janasena cadre rammed into security barricades, breaking few of them. Few fans have been injured in the incident. While few showed over enthusiasm and created rucks near Media Broadcasting Vehicles.

Currently, cultural programs, representing various districts of Telugu States are underway. It is learnt that Pawan Kalyan will address the ‘Janasena Cadre’ at around 6:30 pm. As a part of his speech, the Janasena Chief is also expected to make key announcements regarding party’s approach towards 2019 AP Assembly elections, political alliances and on AP Special Category Status.

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