‘Orumu Orummi Mangalam Mida Paddattu’-Pawan Kalyan


The Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has responded to the comments of A.P Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu just a while back.CBN who has stated that a political conspiracy is going on against the ruling party TDP and the way he projected taking the four political parties BJP, TRS, Janasena, and YSRC are in secret agenda have not gone well with Pawan Kalyan.

ysrc are in secret agenda have not gone well with pawan kalyan.Responding to the comments made by CBN, Pawan has reacted in this way. ‘Orumu Orummi Mangalam Meda paddattu’ Ekkade emi jarigina CM garu, me vargiyuli ma meda padi edustharu enduku? Pawan has condemned the attack on Jagan and demanded to probe into the inquiry and punish the culprits.


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