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Pawan’s Only Drawback In Uttarandhra Tour

Pawan Kalyan Drawback In Uttarandhra Tour

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The Supreme of the newest party of AP Janasena, Pawan Kalyan is back to the city of Hyderabad and is taking rest after touring for three weeks without a gap in Uttarandhra. His critics got a big minus point of his whole Uttarandhra tour.Pawan Kalyan lived up to his promises and left a golden career for Politics. Keeping one year in hand for the D-Day, this hero turned Politician started his Political tour to promote his party among the masses.

This Janasenani chose Uttarandhra, the land where tons of movements have started and happened in the past to commence his Praja Porata Yatra. After touring the districts of Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram, and Visakhapatnam except for the Vizag City, he called in for a brief break keeping Ramadan in mind. Until now, he slammed the ruling party TDP for their corruption, dual stand on Special Category Status and requested his followers to vote Janasena for solving all their problems.According to his critics and haters, Pawan failed to disclose his ideologies and strategies to bring back the Status. Concentrating only on firing bullets at CBN and his camp, Pawan Kalyan completely forgot the main reason for his tour, that is revealing his party’s mission. Had if Pawan got a clear road to elections with agenda, he would have scored it big in the vote bank section.

However, Jana Sena supporters and followers claim that their leader is touring to know the problems of the common man to address them and solve them but not asking for votes. They state that power is not their ultimate goal but serving society is their main mission. Core people of Janasena goes a step further and declare that their Supreme wants to know all the local problems personally in order to find solutions. They ensure that the party’s complete agenda will be revealed in the month of August to media and to the public.

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