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HomelatestBJP To Replace Modi For Next Elections?

BJP To Replace Modi For Next Elections?

BJP To Replace Modi For Next Elections

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As all the anti-Modi parties are trying to form an alliance in order to defeat the NDA in 2019, the Amit Shah lead BJP is speculated to be in second thoughts regarding its Prime Minister contender for the upcoming elections.Going into the details, the ruling party BJP zeroed in the name of Modi prior to the elections of 2014 as their PM contender. Worked as CM for three terms in a row, already Modi has got a craze on its own. Leaving stalwarts like Advani, Venkaiah Naidu, the new supreme of the party Mr.

Amit Shah roped Modi as their final runner. Modi’s wave and BJP’s legacy along with the support of NDA alliance parties made Modi the Prime Minister of India thereby forming Government at the Centre with a record majority. It is not an exaggeration if we can declare Modi’s presence helped BJP in many areas as the common man thought that a tea seller who went on to become the CM of Gujarat is the right person to rule India as he can understand the problems of a common man. Post the elections and it’s been four years that all are turning against Modi and BJP is also getting vibes of anti-Modi from its friends like VHP, Shivsena etc.

The latest speculation is that the BJP is now rethinking about running the same Modi as PM candidate yet again for the upcoming elections. Instead, they want to take common favorite from any left parties like Nitish Gadkari or someone else such that they will support NDA. But the political analysts strongly believe that BJP without Modi will be an utter flop show. They suggest the change in approach and strategies would help the party in 2019 but not by changing. The PM candidate should have enough craze and popularity across India like Modi or else they would pay the price for their biggest bad move. Let us wait and see whom BJP would announce as a PM contender.

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