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Pawan Is Politicising Everything For Mileage: Kathi Mahesh

Pawan Kalyan Fans Attack On Kathi Mahesh

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The controversial critic who keeps his mouth ever ready to slam mega family especially Pawan Kalyan has again given work to his crooked brain. Responding to the burning issue of Pawan-Sri Reddy- RGV, Mahesh, as usual, found fault with Pawan Kalyan.All are aware of the yesterday’s mega response to Sri Reddy-RGV abusing Pawan and his mother. Pawan Kalyan was seen furious in the film chamber declaring a strict legal action on the culprits. On the same note, he asked his followers to Boycott TV9, ABN, and Mahaa news for their part in the whole issue.

Kathi who went to a debate in one of those following channels declared that Pawan is doing everything for the political gain and mileage. He found fault with Pawan’s rude response as both Sri Reddy and RGB tendered their apologies many times. Mahesh dared to say that Pavan is using his mother in order to get the sympathy of people. This sufferer of the wrath of Pawan’s fans went aboard and stated that Nagababu Pawan and Allu Aravind are creating unwanted attention in the name of mega mother’s self-respect only to get the limelight. Kathi opined that Pawan should have left everything normal despite politicising the issue. Last but not the least, Kathi asked Pawan to respond to Casting couch problem.

Fans and common audience are finding fault with Kathi for his mission mudsling on Pawan. Pawan has nothing to do with this issue but Sri Reddy and RGV dragged him and his mother intentionally. Any son would respond in the same.phase or else he is not a son. What Pawan did was completely right at least he didn’t abuse anyone’s mother. Unlike Pawan, Kathi Mahesh has the record of walking away from a live debate when he was asked about his mother.

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