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Pawan Kalyan Blasts His Silence Through Twitter

Pawan Kalyan Blasts His Silence Through Twitter

Posted April 21, 2018, 3:58 pm at 15:58

The moment Sri Reddy abused Pawan, two things are making mega and power star fans along with industry biggies. Let us see those two things in detail.Since the last couple of months, Sri Reddy is irking the entire industry and no one is daring to come forward in order to stop, solve or divert. Unfortunately or not, RGV made Sri drag Pawan into this issue which eventually leads to the downfall of both these conspirers.

Pawan stepped in and created a mini Tsunami at the Film Chamber. Apart from the diversion of Casting couch to Pawan issue, all mega family members who are speculated to be maintaining distance with Pawan got united to support him. This is a healthy indication of the mega family being united. The second development is the transformation of Politician Pawan to old school raw Pawan who was known before entering politics.Power star Pawan Kalyan is a man of words. He never does bad and doesn’t tolerate bad. Whenever there is an issue, he would react and respond in a rather raging form.

It is this character which kept him above many heroes. By the time he started his full-fledged politics, we have seen peaceful Pawan who thinks twice to utter anything. But yesterday he was seen like an outrageous bull raging at RGV and media conspirers. He started challenging powerful media and AP Government. Not stopping there, he took his Twitter and asked all to stay tuned with Pawan Kalyan with Cameraman Twitter to know facts about many TDP leaders and media barons. Pawan showcased his daring levels by declaring that he is going to start a full-fledged legal war on Srini and TV9 and asked his followers to stay calm. Well, this is said to be the other side of Janasenani which comes when he crosses his patience limits.

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