Sri Reddy New Target: Nandamuri Balakrishna


Sri Reddy New Target On Nandamuri Balakrishna

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The most controversial actress in the two Telugu States, Sri Reddy is not going to stop her Hungama in the near future. Afte4 abusing Pawan and irking mega family, she suddenly shifted her focus to a new celebrity for many political reasons.Sri Reddy’s abuses on Pawan and his mother gave indications that YSRCP is behind her and RGV. Watching the reaction from film chamber and Pawan Kalyan, She is changing her colors like anything.

The very next day, she apologized for YSRCP and its Supreme for misunderstanding them and said that they are not behind her. Yesterday, her new Facebook post targeting a TDP Celebrity MLA has now become the new talk of the industry. To change her pro-YCP tag, she slammed the hero cum Hindupur MLA Bala Krishna. She took her Fb to ask his followers if.they watched Balayya’s speech which is filled with tons of cuss words.

She went further and asked all her haters and abusers if their mouths have been shut watching Balayya’s ridiculous speech against Modi. Sri Reddy is doing this in order to shift media’s focus from Pawan issue and also to declare that no party is behind her.She can abuse for her attention but how can she ridicule Balayya if all he did was tearing apart the Centre and Modi which is much needed in this dire situation. People are intelligent enough to read between her lines and guess their acts. Time for her to either intensify her protest on casting couch or leaving all the celebrities to their work and stop disturbing them.

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