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Did Janasena Embarrass Itself With The Land Deal?

Pawan Kalyan Janasena Party Land Deal

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Actor turned Politician Pawan Kalyan and his party Jana Sena has now surrounded by a big controversy. Despite giving a proper explanation, its activists had worsened the situation with their inaccurate claims. Let us see this matter in detail.

It’s a known thing that the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan has bought 2 acres of land in Khaza near Guntur a week back. He performed rituals for constructing his new house cum Party office in Amravati. Soon after his backlash with TDP in Janasena 4th formation day, some Politicians have started pointing out Pawan and his alleged corruption. According to them, Pawan has bought a piece of land which worths 10 crores for just 20 lakhs. Pawan stated that his followers with love had sold this land to him to build a house. As those TDP members intensified their allegations on Pawan’s corruption, some spokespeople of Janasena talked to press regarding this issue. They declared that the land has bought legally with perfect papers and there is no wrong in buying with such small rate.

This explanation has been ridiculed by Janasena haters. They ask Pawan’s sincerity in buying such costly land to cheap rates in order to evade high taxes thereby incurring losses to the revenue department. Had if someone legally gifted the land, there would have been no issue other than the gift tax or it would have been normal if Jana Sena activists kept their cool.

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