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HomelatestMayawati-Pawan’s Meet Ended In Vain?

Mayawati-Pawan’s Meet Ended In Vain?

The other day, Janasena founder Pawan Kalyan was speculated to be meeting the BSP Chief Mayawati in Lucknow. To everyone’s surprise, this meeting has not happened for some reasons mentioned by any other than the Mayawati’s Secretary.

Post his meeting with the AP and Telangana

Post his meeting with the AP and Telangana’s Joint Governor ESL Narasimhan, Pawan without any Press release or prior intimation left to Lucknow to meet Mayawati. Aspiring to raise as a National leader, Pawan Kalyan planned to enter the third front which is formed by the anti-Modi parties like BSP, SP, JDS etc. Janasenani has plans to meet Mayawati and her party’s senior leaders’ first to discuss possible Political relations.

Telangana’s Joint Governor ESL Narasimhan

Reliable sources of BSP stated that Pawan’s meeting with Mayawati didn’t happen as she denied an appointment to the Janasena Chief. With disappointment, Pawan Kalyan along with Nadendla Manohar just met the Secretary of Mayawati and left Lucknow without any sort of deals or meets. Even in the Janasena’s Press release, the party’s media wing just stated Pawan’s visit to the Ambedkar’s Memorial Park in Lucknow but informed nothing about this meeting. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan shared the details and photos of this Park on his Twitter handle.

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