Best Way To Grab Attention: Defame Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan Mingled With Centre To Defame Chandrababu 

Pawan Kalyan Mingled With Centre To Defame Chandrababu 

Posted April 16, 2018, 2:10 pm at 14:10

The superstar of Tollywood Power Star aka Pawan Kalyan enjoys a huge fan base such that his followers increase despite flops of his flicks. Such hero has entered Politics to do service to the society. As his fans use him and his name for doing good things along with promotions, some unworthy faded out, unknown people use him in a negative way to grab the attention of others.

Pawan Kalyan has lately become a soft target for all, such that they easily throw mud on him to get famous. Right from Kathi Mahesh to the latest Sri Reddy, all tried to defame him and got unbelievable popularity. But this is going out of hands nowadays as some actors who are not even known to anyone is dragging his name to their speeches where he has nothing to do with the issue. In a recently held press meet with a group of failed and faded out actresses, Pawan’s name reverberated as per the plan and guess what, now the speech is going viral like anything.

An actress in her speech declared that Pawan Kalyan being a hero from the mega family is the best example of corruption in Tollywood. She went further and dared to allege the people’s leader that he has taken a big package from BJP to construct his home in Amaravati and freely grabbed crores worth land. She, in turn, questioned the craziest hero of Telugu land by asking if he has money despite being in flops for 10 long years. She declared her speech by irking all the powerstar followers by stating that Pawan uses Bengali girls for massage and no woman would vote Janasena ever.

This loser of the world who is calling names for Pawan should know the fact that this hero charges the most remuneration in Tollywood. He himself declared that he has paid a tax of 25 crores in the last five years and we are leaving him earning to people’s imaginations. If he needs to take the package, he would have taken the moment he supported TDP-BJP alliance but he stood away from any posts in TDP’s camp. It is better to stop bringing his name for everything to get famous or else people would give a big lesson to those so-called attention grabbers.

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