TDP Defaming Itself By Opposing AP Bandh:

Chandrababu Naidu TDP Defamation By AP Bandh

Chandrababu Naidu TDP Defamation By AP Bandh

Posted April 16, 2018, 3:44 pm at 15:44

The CBN lead TDP National Party has been in soup in the recent times after Janasenani’s allegations and its failure in bringing Special Category Status. The party’s new decision has not only shocked the people of AP but also made a fool out of itself.

Each and every individual despite their favorite party is raging with anger on BJP and Modi for cheating AP State in the name of Special Category Status. In this dire situation, all Opposition parties are trying hard to intensify their protest to pressurize the Centre. As a part of it, they have given a call for whole AP Bandh today. Despite their rivalry, YSRCP is also participating in the Bandh called by Jana Sena, CPI, and CPM. For such mega protest, TDP Government has not only opposed the Bandh but also demanding the Opposition parties to cancel it by scaring them with arrests. Instead of being a big part of this protest, TDP is trying everything to cancel it as it is so insecure about Opposition parties.

Already Pawan Kalyan has been robbing all the limelight from it in AP and YSRCP MPs won against TDP with their Indefinite Hunger Strike. Seems TDP is becoming restless with its incapability of winning people’s trust. They should know that every action of theirs would count for the upcoming general elections.Some of YSRCP leaders declare that TDP has made a big mistake opposing the Bandh. They should have supported the Bandh in order to gain trust, opined some followers of Janasena. Political analysts predict possible alliance of YSRCP, CPI, CPM, and Janasena if TDP continues their dominance being in Power.

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