Chiru’s Big No To Rahul Gandhi’s Offer:

Rahul Gandhi Party Offered To Chiranjeevi

Rahul Gandhi Party Offered To Chiranjeevi

Posted April 16, 2018, 4:06 pm at 16:06

The mighty megastar of Telugu Cinema, Chiranjeevi has been maintaining distance with Politics post the results of 2014 General Elections. Recent information from the Congress camp gives us a clear cut idea of his future Politics.Chiru left his home arena of Cinema for Politics prior to 2009 elections and failed miserably in Power games. Despite trying to strengthen his party, he merged his PRP to Congress and enjoyed posts like Union Tourism Minister and later MP under the same party ticket. 2014 Elections almost swept Congress from the State of AP and Chiru was seen nowhere in the Party meetings. Luckily, he got the best welcome in movies and has been back to his throne doing movies.

As expected by so-called hardcore Political experts, he declared that he is not going to contest in 2019 Elections in a recent internal party meeting. After a deep inquiry, it came to know that the AICC President Rahul Gandhi offered a key post in the core committee to support and promote the Party at regional and at the National level.

Chiru softly rejected this offer citing the reasons for his allocation of bulk call sheets for two big-ticket movies. However, he is speculated to declare that he will render his services after two years from now in necessary situations. Also, this Khaidi star made it very clear that he didn’t bid farewell to Politics completely as he wants to do service in the future.Even his hardcore fans who die for Chiru in movies are stating that he is of no use in Politics as he lost his charm being a Politician. So Congress would remain the same with or without the support of Chiru in AP and at the Centre.

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