Pawan Intensified His Fight Against CBN

Pawan Kalyan Speedup His Comments On CBN

Pawan Kalyan Speedup His Comments On CBN

Posted May 31, 2018, 6:22 pm at 18:22

Day by day, Pawan’s hatred on TDP and its Chief CBN has been aggravating as Yellow camp kept on making serious comments on the Janasena Chief. Pawan who tried his best not to attack Babu too personally has all gone out for the latter’s recent comments.Pawan Kalyan in his Praja Porata Yatra Bus tour yesterday completed his tour and interacted with his party cadre of Srikakulam district. In his interaction, Pawan Kalyan slammed TDP and CBN to the core as.

In the recently happened TDP Mahanadu, CBN dared to say that his survey declared that the party Janasena fetched only one percent of votes to the TDP and will get the same in 2019 elections as well. This comment irked the Janasena Chief and he waited for his turn. In his recent speech with his followers, Pawan countered CBN by claiming that the latter came to Pawan’s house to plead for his support just for that one percent. In a rather funny tone, Pawan stated that he would gift one percent of all votes of Janasena to TDP in 2019 elections as well because that one percent doesn’t affect his victory in 2019.

Janasena Supreme went further and asked CBN if he has any right to conclude that Janasena is a small party. Furious Pawan opined that CBN never had a party because he forcibly took the TDP formed by the legend NTR and backstabbed him to become the Chief. Unlike CBN, Pawan claimed that he himself formed the party despite losing in 2009 elections in the name of Praja Rajyam and it would take tons of guts to do so. This star hero turned Politician declared that it’s time for CBN who is in old age to get retire and sit at home as the same party forced TTD head Ramana Dikshithulu to retire stating the same reason. Political analysts now declare that Pawan has turned perfect Politician by closing the mouths of his rivals with his counters.

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