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Pawan Kalyan Uddanam Solution

Pawan Kalyan Uddanam Declaration

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Pawan Kalyan Uddanam Declaration: I will fight for humanity but not for the caste. I’m not working for government against for Uddanam. But for the people’s sake, I’m struggling to this problem. I’m one among you. Pawan, who has done so much to solve the Uddanam issue thankful to everyone who supported him.

Pawan Kalyan speech is Bullet Points:

-> The first step for Uddanam was taken.

-> The journey may be long but starts with a small step.

-> No Caste, No Religion… I’m a man who is fighting for humanity.

-> Thanks to the doctors who came here with humanity.

-> The last rulers have ignored this issue.

-> Stoll there are who fight for the sake of regional sense, caste, and race.

-> It is sad that no one is fighting back for the humanity.

-> Beyond politics the Uddanam issue should be solved.

-> I want to help the people… There is no politics in it.

-> Many people raised different types of reasons for Uddanam.

-> I’ll keep full effort of my power to solve the Uddanam issue.

-> I’ll take the Uddanam issue to the government.

-> I’ll take Jagan support if needed to resolve the problem.

-> To solve the problem with humanity rather than political profit.

-> When atomic bomb invented with intellectual power then why can’t we find a solution to Uddanam…?

-> I’m ready to take anyone’s support to resolve the Uddanam issue: Pawan Kalyan

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