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HomelatestPolitical Statement: Pawan Kalyan Wants Jagan Support

Political Statement: Pawan Kalyan Wants Jagan Support

Pawan Kalyan Ready to Fight Uddanam Issue With Jagan Support

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Pawan Kalyan Ready to Fight Uddanam Issue With Jagan Support: Pawan Kalyan who spoke emotionally in Vishaka Uddanam kidney issue gave an interesting political comment. One side Pawan ally with TDP but on the other side, he is ready to take support from Jagan which made the discussion for his less expertise. As everyone knew that Uddanam kidney problem will not solve if Jagan supports. Even Jana Sena over action is out. The triumphant rally went into criticism.

So far, Pawan Kalyan is far away special treatments and only focusing on public issues. But the people around him is not understanding home correctly. As it is publishing that rather than Uddanam kidney issue, Pawan rally became the highlight. On the other side, TDP is getting doubts about the Jagan support for Uddanam kidney issue. The TDP leaders are firing that Pawan is going to YCP side even though he got all the credits from TDP.

Pawan can face serious problems if CM Chandrababu takes this matter in a serious way. Jana Sena doesn’t have the capability for competing alone. Pawan should give answers for his criticism of elections if he wants to join with Jagan. All YCP leaders can clarify that Jagan will not support like Babu for Pawan. At this situation, Pawan joins, with Jagan it’s nothing but Pawan doesn’t have strategies. Even Uddanam kidney victims can get the effect with this statement.

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