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Stoic Silence For Pawan Kalyan’s Pointed Accusations!

Pawan On Chalore Chalore Chal… Tour!

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During his recent political tour and also at the audio launch function of his movie, Agnathavasi Pawan Kalyan made so many accusations about many people and that too taking their names individually. But a stoic silence has been maintained so far by those who received criticisms from Pawan Kalyan.

At the Chalo Re Chal political tour, Pawan outwardly alleged that Parakala Prabhakar is a backstabber who left Chiranjeevi in his tough times. He further blamed that Parakala made cheap and insensible comments on Chiru after exiting from Praja Rajyam Party. He also explained why he couldn’t speak during the last days of PRP. This he said, is due to Allu Aravind looking at him as only an actor and not a politician with an insight. He also shared, he was treated like Ram Charan and Allu Arjun which hurt him a lot.

Powerstar did not just stop his fire bolts at the political event, he launched rockets at Agnathavasi audio event as well. He spoke in large about how few producers exploited his films for commercial gains.

Shockingly, none of them whom Pawan pointed or the ones indirectly hinted by him opened their mouths. Are they waiting for right time and opportunity to voice their opinion and counter Pawan or should we think that Pawan is right since these people are silent?

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