Janasenani And Jagan Waiting For Telangana Polls

Pawankalyan And Jagan Waiting For Telangana Polls

The two rivals Pawan Kalyan and YS Jagan of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu are quite surprised about the way CBN to lead the Mahakutami in Telangana. As the elections have completed, these two haters of TDP is now keenly waiting for the results.Even an amateur Political lover is aware of the fact that the results of Telangana will show a great deal of impact on the yet to be commenced General Elections of Andhra Pradesh. So the entire Nation has focussed on the results day which is on 11th December and so do the leaders Pawan Kalyan and Jagan.


If TRS wins, then there will not be any problem for these two but if Mahakutami wins the power in Telangana, these two would be hugely disappointed.Mahakutami’s win is an indirect message for these two that CBN’s TDP will win in AP with the positive energy it would bag from the State of Telangana. Already YSRCP expressed its support to TRS and Pawan Kalyan went diplomatic by leaving his followers to vote for their own favorites.With just two days for the results, both the parties TRS and Mahakutami are counting down every second like an hour. Prediction Master Lagadapati favors Mahakutami but TRS is confident on regaining power.


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