Shankar’s Godspeed Work For Bharateyudu-2 In Talks

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The Indian Spielberg Shankar has come out of 2.O’s buzz and started concentrating on his immediate next Indian-2. Updated information from this flick’s unit discloses the present status of the pre-production.Shankar himself stated that the long delay in 2.O’s release is due to the late work of Special Effects but he promised that the same shall not be repeated for the sequel of the cult hit Indian.Forget about the pre-production, Shankar’s work is at Godspeed such that this project has already hit the sets.

According to the latest update, the entire team has erected a special set in Chennai with a special material which looks exactly like Gold. Imported from China, this set and the scenes shot in this set will stand as one of the highlights of the movie, States a source.Universal hero Kamal Haasan will participate in a two days shoot in this specially erected Gold set as a part of its first schedule. Along with Tamil, Bharateyudu has fans in the two Telugu States who are waiting eagerly to see the Kamal in the old man’s character which pledges to end the corruption snake in India.


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