Person Behind ‘Aravinda Sametha’ Leaks


Police Identified the person behind the Aravinda Sametha movie leaks. Recently, two three times the pictures of Arvinda Sametha film have leaked. On first time leakage, the team bans the mobiles phone and cameras into the sets. But, again the pictures leaked so that means the thief existed in the production team. Recently, Geetha Govindam also in the same problem because of this Aravinda Sametha team’s hesitation was increased.


To prevent this condition, the producer S.radhkrishna filed a complaint about this leaks in Hyderabad cyber crime police station. Then, the policemen entered into action to find the thief. Finally, they confirmed the person who was the data digital bank worker. They said this is all because of the worker who manage the data of Aravinda Sametha film. But, now that accused person not in the city so the police looking for him. Finally, maybe this problem not raise again in future for Aravinda Sametha. Now, this movie shooting is going rapidly to release on 11th October. Now, fans and audiences’ expectations are high because of the film teaser.



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