Poonam Kaur Seeks Pawan Kalyan Help Via Tweet And Immediately Deletes The Tweet!


Poonam Kaur Seeks Pawan Kalyan Help Via Tweet!

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With the controversy between Poonam Kaur and Katthi Mahesh going overboard, the actress reportedly fell into defence, calling out Pawan Kalyan for help via Twitter. The actress was dragged into the ongoing controversy between Katthi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan Fans after she reportedly made controversial comments calling a film critic ‘fatso’ in her tweets. Though she did not mention Katthi Mahesh’s name, it is easily understood that the Tweet was aimed at him.

Reacting to this, Katthi Mahesh criticised Poonam Kaur on various media channels and made starking personal remarks on the actress. He alleged that Poonam Kaur was indeed two-timed by Pawan Kalyan, forcing the actress to commit suicide.

This clearly left Poonam Kaur in shock. She sought Pawan Kalyan’s help via a Tweet. The Janasena Chief has yet to react on this. It will be interesting to see to what extent will this lead into.

It is surprising to see Poonam pledging Pawan Kalyan for help via Twitter. Using her contacts in the industry, she can reach Pawan Kalyan with ease. Shockingly, she deleted the tweets, leaving speculations to individual perspectives.

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