‘A’ certificate films only after 10 pm, but sexual adventures can go live on NEWS CHANNELS? – Tammareddy


Tammareddy Bharadwaj Threatens News Channels

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Tammareddy Bharadwaj, the well-known producer, has once again voiced his opinion. In a recent video shared by him on his YouTube channel. Tammareddy went on to criticize media’s double-stand on telecasting content.

In the video, he said, ‘they ask ‘A’ certificate films to be telecasted only after 10 pm. Then why are this news channels telecasting Ghazal Srinivas sexual videos and about anchor Pradeep repeatedly? Don’t they have any social and moral responsibility?

It makes sense until you cover any incident to a limit. The media has been pro-active in covering about Ghazal Srinivas. But to what extent? The coverage could have been called off once Ghazal Srinivas was arrested. But that did not stop there. It has gone overboard, and the news channels started telecasting his sexual adventures on TV. So, according to the TV Channels, can private videos be telecasted through-out the day?

And the same as in the case of Anchor Pradeep. What made the TV channels to run special shows, stories and coverage on him? Don’t they have other important stuff?  This is absolutely ridiculous, and shows the media’s desperation for TRP ratings’.

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