Anchor Pradeep’s ‘Drunk and Drive’ Drama Ends!


Anchor Pradeep’s ‘Drunk and Drive’ Drama Ends!

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Anchor Pradeep is known for his unique style of anchoring on the television screen. His popularity has risen with time, and he is a household name in the Telugu states. Though Pradeep was seen in feature films time and now again, he is mostly known for his TV Shows, anchoring guests, and the most popular show ‘Konchem Touch lo Unite Cheptha’.

After he was caught in a special ‘drunk and drive’ by Hyderabad Police, all the media channels started attacking him. Unfortunately, the anchor posted a video, few days prior to the New Year eve, appealing to people not to indulge in driving while drunk. After the news broke out that the anchor was caught, the TV channels repeatedly used the ‘message video’ to further tarnish him.

He was required to attend a counselling session at the traffic police headquarters. After the incident in the wee hours of 1st January, Pradeep was nowhere to be found. When people started speculating about his disappearance, the anchor came out with a selfie video, in which he said he is attending some pending shoots, and he is abided to law.

The anchor has attended the counselling session in Goshamahal, along with other offenders in the Drunk and Drive cases. Pradeep stated that he would never indulge in drunk and drive next time, with the magistrate present at the scene. With Pradeep’s public appearance, it looks like the dust has settled. Post the counseling session, Pradeep expressed that he has leartn a lot and will never be repeating the same.

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