Saturday, October 23, 2021
Homelatest'Pootharekulu' Into India Book Of Records

‘Pootharekulu’ Into India Book Of Records

We know that Pootharekulu is a very famous recipe of Andhra Pradesh. In that, east Godavari’s Aatreyapuram Pootharekulu are so famous. These people make them in extraordinary level and very tasty. So, now they stepped into India Book Of Records for making 10.2 meters of lengthy Poothareku recipe. This all done in Vijayawada and the tourism authority of Andhra Pradesh host it in Bhavani Puram’s Harithabaram park area.


Although, the Andhra Pradesh’s cultural and tourism departmental chief secretary Mukesh Kumar Meena said, “In Andhra, every region has a famous recipe itself. So, we should and will make popular them. Although, we get a position in India Book of Records by making 10.2 meters length of Poothareku recipe. Moreover that, we will serve every recipe of Andhra for tourists. And we make the availability of Andhra recipes in every star and general hotels of Andhra Pradesh. As well as, we would like to make videos and documentaries about Andhra special recipes and we will make them popular in National and International wide.”


“Although Aatreya Puram recipe Poothrekulu are famous, to make popular them, we encouraged to make this 10.2-meter lengthy Puthreku by Aatryeapuram people”, AP Tourism CEO Himanshu Shukla said.

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