Prabhas-Anushka Marriage Rumors: Fresh Update


Prabhas And Anushka Marriage Rumors

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Fans and movie lovers are not helping themselves discussing the marriage rumors of cute couple Prabhas and Anushka. A fresh update from Prabhas’s family adds more fuel to these rumors.For the last couple of days, Rebel star Prabhas and Anushka’s marriage rumors are spreading like wildfire across the two Telugu States. Even though this rumor started during the times of Mirchi, these two kept on denying it for some reasons. But their fans desperately want them to be a real-life couple as they look good together.

Now that Anushka has speculated to be said yes to her marriage, her family members are making arrangements. On the flip side, Prabhas’s family which is thinking of marrying this macho hero with Anushka has rumored to be agreed for their love. Some analysts went further and claim that it was Krishnam Raju, the big Uncle of Prabhas who asked Anushka to perform all the necessary rituals for the sake of matching her astrology with Prabhas.

If this is true, then fans will be happier than the families of these two fabulous actors. All are waiting with thousand years for an official announcement of their marriage from their families.Prabhas however, keeping these speculations aside is concentrating on his current project Saaho. This bilingual is all set to get released for next year’s Summer. Sujeeth is directing this flick and UV Creations banner is bankrolling this project with whopping 150 crores of the budget.

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