Jagan’s Padayatra Huge Crowd Got A Little Secret

Secret Behind Jagan Padayatra Huge Crowd

Secret Behind Jagan Padayatra Huge Crowd

Posted June 14, 2018, 3:18 pm at 15:18

The YSRCP Supreme Jagan is leaving his rivals in dire shock with the kind of following he is getting for his Padha Yatra despite in every constituency. Political analysts investigated and decoded the secret formula behind this following.Late CM of United AP, YSR used to enjoy a huge craze during the times where there were no media to populate masses via communication. His infamous Padha Yatra along the coastal belt of AP made him a dearest darling to the farmers and villagers.

Post his demise, his son YS Jagan floated his own party and bagged decent craze and the supporters of his father extended their love towards the son of their leader. However, even before becoming the CM at least once, Jagan was seen with huge crowds wherever he goes. In his present Sankalpa Padha Yatra, he is followed by tons of his supporters in the places where he is visiting for the first time unlike his home place of Rayalaseema. According to the analysts, there is a work of the devil behind this gathering which is frustrating his enemies.The think tank and strategy wing of YSRCP is trying their best to get this craze wherever Jagan goes. Prior to Jagan’s visit to any constituency, Jagan’s batch will intimate the local YSRCP heads and order them to arrange flags of YSRCP on roads and streets.

Along with supporters, the YSRCP local leaders were asked to bring huge people along with them and make sure that Jagan goes throw small to narrow streets where the fewer crowd will multifold on the camera. Also from time to time, the communication wing of YSRCP uses technology and drones to cover the crowds in order to make videos out of it and upload on the social networking sites to increase the buzz among the public. Publicity always works well in Movies and Politics so YSRCP is following a better strategy than its rival TDP.

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