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Prabhas Started Sahoo Movie

Prabhas Facebook Post on Sahoo Movie

Prabhas Facebook Post on Sahoo Movie: Prabhas started his new project ‘Sahoo’ movie after 4 and half years of Bahubali. There is no doubt that after Bahubali 2 parts Prabhas crossed the range of Bollywood hero’s. After the Bahubali release, fans are eagerly waiting for ‘Sahoo’ movie shooting to start. Finally, on Friday Prabhas joined in ‘Sahoo’ movie shooting.

‘Sahoo ‘movie with huge actions of nearly 150 crores of a budget by Vamsi and Pramod in UV products which is directed by Sujit. Already the film shooting had started long back without Prabhas and now even Prabhas joined. An amazing set of 5 crores was arranged in Saradhi studios of Hyderabad. Prabhas who is participating in the shooting of ‘Sahoo’ movie on that set update a post on Facebook. ‘in short time… Almost after 4 and half years of Bahubali journey, excited to enter a new action world called Sahoo’. Now, this post is viral in social media. Next month the shooting will be in Dubai where Shraddha Kapoor will join in the shooting with Prabhas.

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