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Rana In Web Series…

Rana Daggubati is doing VIU Web Series

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Rana Daggubati is doing VIU Web Series: Digital media has a great impact on the audience after cinema and TV with the huge fan following. That’s why few directors are into Web Series as it became nowadays trend. So, even the big stars in cinema and TV are curious to act in these Web Series.

Recently, the Ballaladeva Rana is also doing an important role in a Web Series called ‘Social’ in VIU productions. Naveen Kasturia is acting in this Web Series. Already Rana is working with VIU talk show ‘No. 1 Yaari and now even in Web Series. These Web Series revolve around the nowadays youth who are addicted to the social medias. That’s why these Web Series name as ‘Social’. In September first this Web Series will telecast in VIU Web Channel.

Rana, who always choose uniqueness from the starting of his career is now going according to the trend. Previously, when the satellite channels launched, the silver screen actors are not interested to come to the small screen. But gradually they started entertaining in small screen. But for Digital media, all are anxious to do without any doubts. Everyone including celebs are thinking that in future digital media will create wonders.

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