I’ll turn my Duty To Habit: Prabhas


Prabhas support Modi Swatchhata hi seva

Our Prime Minister Modi is up with his new campaign Swatchhata Hi Seva. for being an inspiration to all the public keeping India clean, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had written personal letters to many noted personalities to enlist their support for the initiative. Hence, As of now, Tamil super star Rajinikanth and tollywood star director Rajamouli gave their support to the campaign. “I extend my full support to our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji’s Swachhata Hi Seva mission. Cleanliness is godliness,” Rajinikanth had tweeted. Furthermore, Now, even Prabhas support Modi Swatchhata hi seva.

Even the cricketer Satchin Tendulkar gave his support to the campaign cleaning the streets of Bandra. Hence, He wish all his fans to follow him to the campagn. recently the star hero, bahubhali fame Prabhas extends his support to Narendra Modi’s campaign Swatchhata Hi Seva. Furthermore, He extended his support through his facebook page. “As we approach this significant day, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji, who always strived for cleanliness, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the great work happening on making India clean and green with the Swachh Bharat Initiative,” Prabhas posted on his Facebook page. “Keeping my country clean and healthy is not just my duty as a citizen but also a habit. To all those who feel the same, let’s continue doing our best for a cleaner India,” he said.

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