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Love Story older than India’s freedom – The 70-years of Royal Love Story!

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We come across Indian parents often bragging about western culture and their ‘live-in’ relationships. They introduce their children as innocent, and timid. Shockingly, one can catch up with rich kids in pubs, that often run into morning wee hours. Yet, the parents of these kids behave as if they are unaware, and still back them.

The rate at which marriages are heading towards divorce is quite alarming in India. In the west, it is on a downward trend. Setting an example, not only to their citizens, but everyone in the world, the royal couple, Prince Phillip Mountbatten and Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom have successfully completed their 70th marriage anniversary. The couple’s engagement was announced to thepublic on 10th July 1947 (before India’s independence), and the marriage reportedly took place on 20th November 1947.

Prince Philip is the Duke of Edinburgh, who fell in love with Elizabeth II, daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Prince Philip was the escort to Elizabeth II and Margaret, during the King’s family visit Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Elizabeth was 13, and Philip was 18, when they both fell in love. The marriage ceremony later took place after Elizabeth II turned 21, on April 21st, 1947. We bring you some memorable photos of this couple.

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