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Is Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘God, Sex and Truth’ also a copy?

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Ram Gopal Varma is a synonym for controversies and rumors, both in Tollywood and Bollywood film industry. The director has touched the pinnacle and saw the deepest lows in his career. His films, his posts, and even his comments create ripples in the film industries. Ram Gopal Varma himself stated that he usually takes inspiration from Hollywood movies for his films, and often change the screenplay and script, to suit our Indian audience.

The director went quiet after the launch of ‘Kadapa’ trailer. But he came back with a bang with his upcoming film (or web series) ‘God, Sex, and Truth’. Mia Malkova will be seen in the lead role. The movie’s trailer shocked everyone, given its content. Though RGV was criticized heavily, he was equally praised for film’s his bold and distinctive theme.

Shockingly, RGV once again under the line of fire. It is being heard that even ‘GST’ isn’t an original work.

An individual named P Jaya Kumar claimed that ‘God, Truth and Sex’ is a blind carbon copy of his work. He said, ‘I sent RGV my script for his review and comments. But after seeing GST trailer, I realized that it is a blind carbon copy of the script I sent to him. Everything uttered by Mia Malkova is lifted from my work’.

RGV is yet to react on P Jaya Kumar’s claim. Moreover, Jaya Kumar is not ready for any sort of off-the-court settlement. He is determined to pursue legal action against RGV. 

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