Purandeswari Declares BJP’s Empty Hand In Babu’s Arrest Notices

Purandeswari comments on chandra babu naidu

The BJP leader Daggubati Purandeswari backed her own BJP Government by isolating it from the most controversial court notices issue to Chandrababu Naidu. According to her, the TDP is just having a blame game on BJP Government for Political gains.In the sensational issue of CBN receiving court notices from the Maharashtra Government, the TDP cadre is struggling to come out of it as the case is a non-bailable arrest warrant. BJP MP Purandeswari who visited Amaravati reacted to this issue the other day. She declared that the Yellow camp is trying to project BJP as a villain in every issue including the latest court notices. This former Minister claimed that the case was dated back to the year 2010 and BJP has not even had a connection with the Maharashtra Government back then. This daughter of late NTR stated that CBN is just alleging Central Government to make it anti-people but in reality, it is helping AP in every possible way.

Polavaram Project as a National project

Purandeswari cleared the air on the Polavaram Project once again. She said that the Centre is still aiding the Polavaram Project as a National project and is trying to finish it before next year’s May. however, her claims may not go well with the TDP as its main theme is to wage a war against the BJP to win the 2019 elections. TDP leaders are countering her claims that she despite being from Telugu land is always backing the National party for her Political aspirations.

Purandeswari cleared the air on the Polavaram Project once again


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