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Puri Jagannadh Next Movie With Balakrishna

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Sensational director Puri Jagannath is busy promoting his son’s flick Mehabooba in the two Telugu States. In one the promotional interviews, he has opened up on his next flick. The creative maker Puri Jagannath has been suffering from a series of flops. He has kept all his hard work and creativity in making Mehbooba flick with his son Akash Puri. touted to be a romantic love drama mixed with some action and patriotism, the movie is all about an Indian Soldier who falls in love with a Pakistani girl.

The theatrical trailer did its work and raised some curiosity among the movie lovers. Puri talking to the press stated that this flick will give him life to back into the limelight. Answering about his next project, Puri claimed that the hero Balayya assured him to do another movie under his direction. Even though Paisa Vasool bombed, Balayya liked Puri’s style and taking so he gave his word for another project. The same is declared by Balayya in the audio function of Paisa Vasool.

According to Puri, his next will be with Balakrishna at any cost. He revealed that he met Balayya recently and narrated a line for which the latter asked him to develop a bound script. So Puri has to give a full narration once again to get another chance to direct balayya. Currently, Balakrishna is busy working for the biopic of his father NTR. Apart from this flick, he has okayed a flick under the director V V Vinayak.

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