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HomelatestKarnataka Elections – BJP Busy Digging Sonia Gandhi’s Past!

Karnataka Elections – BJP Busy Digging Sonia Gandhi’s Past!

Narendra Modi Digging With Sonia Gandhi Past

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Elections not only test the pulse of the voters but also dig the past of the politicians. The social war between Congress and BJP has touched an all-time high after both the parties are busy exchanging over 100,000 blame-messages on social networking sites. In their latest election strategy, the BJP is trying to invoke ‘nationality’ among the voters.

‘Do you know the real name of Sonia Gandhi? It is Antonia Maino. She is an Italian by birth and married Rahul Gandhi in a love-marriage. In order to protect the last standing fort of Congress (Karnataka), Antonia Maino has come down to Karnataka’, said the BJP leader in a promotional anti-Congress video.

Backing their comments against Sonia Gandhi, BJP said, ‘Congress posted tweets using ‘Ajay Singh Bisht’ (real name of UP CM Yogi Adityanath). That is the reason we had to dig the past of Sonia Gandhi’. Meanwhile, netizens are having a fun time enjoying the tweets of both the parties and trolling them once in a while.  

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