Prakash Raj As Aluri Chakrapani – Mahanati Movie!


Prakash Raj As Aluri Chakrapani In Mahanati Movie

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With less than 24 hours, ‘Mahanati’ movie showcasing the life of Mahanati Savithri will hit the silver screens. Amidst volatile situation at the box office, the movie unit is making all attempts to increase hype over the film. In their latest release, the movie unit has launched a new teaser introducing the character of Aluri Chakrapani.

Just like he introduced other prominent characters like SV Ranga Rao, LV Prasad, and KV Reddy, Nani introduced the character of Aluri Chakrapani this time around. Senior and versatile actor Prakash Raj will be donning the role of Aluri Chakrapani on the silver screen.

He is well known for producing legendary classics like Maya Bazaar and Gundamma Katha.  He is a multilingual writer, producer, and a director. He was associated with Vijaya Vauhini Studios, which was one of the largest studios in Asia at that time. Mahanati Savithri has lead roles along the other star case in both Maya Bazaar and Gundamma Katha. Revealing one character after the other, the movie’s unit has been successful in creating the curiosity among the Telugu audience.

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