Iconic Scene:Rahul-Naidu’s Khammam Meet Tomorrow


In what may be called as a sensational event, the longtime rivals Rahul Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu shared the same stage in a campaign meeting today. Promoting the Grand Alliance of Telangana, these two party bigwigs together graced this event in Telangana.With the sole intention of dethroning KCR from the CM Chair, these two arch rivals CBN and Rahul Gandhi shook hands and formed Mahakutami in Telangana. After campaigning individually, these two shared the same stage today in Telangana to woo the voters. Even though this scene seemed a bit new, many Political lovers astonished to see this iconic never seen picture with large eyes.

both these party heads pleaded people

Both these party heads pleaded people to vote for them in order to develop the newest state which needs Water for every home and a big help for the farmers.This bonding will be continued for the Lok Sabha elections according to a source close to the AICC Supreme. Also, this grand alliance is working together against the BJP party at the Centre for the Parliament elections.With today’s scenario in Telangana, the phrase “ There will be no permanent friends and enemies in Politics” is completely justified. Meanwhile, the anti-TDP leaders are ridiculing CBN for joining forces with a party like Congress which’s rivalry became the main purpose of floating the TDP by late NTR.


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