Rahul’s empty hand to T-Congress irks TPCC camp


The All India Congress Committee Prince Rahul Gandhi has started mission revive Congress. His recent acts indirectly declare his changed approach for the upcoming Parliament elections.

In the process of reviving the party from the crisis in Andhra Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi called in big leaders like Kiran Kumar Reddy and few others from the region. Not just inviting them but also lured them with juicy offers in regional and at the National level. If this is the case with the state where there is not one seat under their party’s name, the Telangana Congress camp expected more development and funds to strengthen the party. Despite their expectations, Rahul shocked them by completely ignoring them for a party’s top committee.

Rahul declared the members for Congress Working Committee for the upcoming elections for the entire Nation. To everyone’s surprise, Rahul neither invited nor included not one leader from the TPCC. The present Telangana’s Congress boss Uttam Kumar Reddy’s inability to keep the party united and internal wars among the party leaders are some reasons for Rahul’s act. Forget about the leading names like Revanth, Jana Reddy etc, the names of seniormost T-Congress leaders like Jaipal Reddy, Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Renuka etc went missing for the second time in a row.


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