Botsa’ counter on Janasenani in discussions

Botsa Counter On Janasenani In Discussion

The Uttarandhra YSRCP leader Botsa Satyanarayana fumed at the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan regarding stalling of trains for achieving Special Category Status. Details of his counter as follows:

Botsa who attended the protest of YSRCP leaders in Visakhapatnam for Special Railway Zone declared that his party is committed to achieving it if it comes to the power. Responding on Pawan’s invitation for CBN and Jagan to stall trains completely by doing a Rail Roko, Botsa rather slammed Pawan for his double stands. This former Minister asked Pawan regarding his presence when YSRCP MPs passed No-Confidence Motion in the Parliament. He reminded that Pawan has promised to bring 50 MPs in support of the AP MPs if they pass No Confidence Motion but in reality, Pawan was seen nowhere in the entire episode. Claiming that only Jagan has the conviction and confidence on bringing the Railway Zone, he tagged Pawan as an escapist in problems. Other haters of Janasena too echoed that Pawan despite giving away energetic speeches with loud voices never implement them.

However, the Janasena followers respond to Botsa’s allegations. They point out at the YSRCP MPs for passing the No Confidence Motion act on the last day of Parliament proceedings intentionally such that the motion shall not be passed. They support their Janasenani by reminding them that Pawan asked to pass the Motion on the very first day of Parliament Sessions. Its Supreme is still silent regarding this counter from Botsa.


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