Rajini Is Following Pawan

Rajinikanth Political Party Name Details

Posted August 10, 2017 at 18:30

Rajinikanth Political Party Name Details

Rajinikanth Political Party Name Details: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth political party sensational news are out. As the sources say that with in 2 weeks the party details will be out it seems. Mainly, the interesting news is out about the party name. It seems to party name can be ‘Makkal Sena’ means ‘Praja Sena’ same like Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena. Even in the flag, Rajini is following Pawan. Rajini new party flag is forming by giving importance to agricultural, industrial development and education.

In political ideology, Pawan and Rajini are in the same boat. Some politicians have an idea to make these 2 parties in one platform. Even another idea is to bring few other parties who have ideas like Jana Sena and Makkal Sena to form a group. A revolutionary warrior from Telangana seems to have taken this idea to Pawan and Rajini. There is an information that a secret meeting will be held about this thing. If this effort is successful then a new political platform can form in the South and can make major changes in current politics of the country.

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