Sukumar Justifies Ramalakshmi kissing Chittibabu…..


Ram Charan And Samantha Liplock In Rangasthalam

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Rangasthalam, the film directed by the intelligent director Sukumar and acted by Ram Charan is soon to be recorded as a blockbuster. Sukumar has designed perfectly all the characters and the movie has impressed all sections of filmgoers. True to his name, Director Sukumar has been intelligent in showing not only the political situations during the 80s times but also portrayed a beautiful love story between Ram Charan and Samantha.

The main highlights of the movie are indeed the lip kiss, where Ramalakshmi kisses Chittibabu to express her love. Everyone who watched the movie did mention the scene and its importance. Even, the Director also stated that he liked the love story the most and especially that scene. He added that while taking that scene they have stopped the rerecording and restarted it only after Samantha kissed Cherry. He felt that the emotions before that scene helped the audience to connect well.

Incidentally, Sukumar revealed that he prepared the scene narration instantly and completed the shooting of it quickly. It took 45 minutes for the movie unit to complete the shooting of that particular scene. He said that he could bring the depth of pure love in a single scene which is why it won the audience hearts.

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