3 Indian Medical Students Die In Caribbean Beach!

Indian Medical Students Drown In Caribbean Beach

Indian Medical Students Drown In Caribbean Beach

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A group of 3 Indians, comprising of 2 Medical students, and a professor were drowned in an accident on a Caribbean Island. The incident reportedly took place in the late evening according to a report from a local daily.

After the three went for an evening along the sands, the two medical students were hauled into the sea by a monster wave that rose from nowhere. Even before the professor realized what has happened, they were nowhere to be seen in the deep blue sea.

In an attempt to save them, the professor put his life at stake, and ventured into the sea, only to lose his life too. The three were identified as Indhumathi Raman Kumar (from Bengaluru), Bhuvan Gangadhar (from Chennai), and Professor Bhupathi Subramaniam (from Salem). As soon as the news broke out, deep clouds of sorrow and grief surrounded the families of the deceased.

Srinivas from Team Aid organization is working with the local authorities and has been making necessary arrangements to send the bodies of the three individuals to India at the earliest.

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