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I don’t Think About Fans At That Time – Ram Charan Sensational Comments

Ram Charan Sensational Comments On Fans

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Fans are the sole reason for a film actor to attain star status, and stardom. Generally, star heroes keep a lot of factors in mind while choosing scripts. In fact, most of them are worried about how their fans react. That is the reason, they stick to formula-based movies, which more or less entertain the audience with the repeated run-of-the-mill story.

But things are completely different with me, says Ram Charan. The Mega Power Star claims that he just chooses films of his liking, and doesn’t keep the fans in his mind who choosing a script. ‘I don’t think about fans when I sign a film. If I keep on doing a commercial film to entertain the fans, I don’t think a film like Rangasthalam would have ever materialized’, said Ram Charan during the success meet of the movie in Hyderabad.

Talking on the occasion, Ram Charan said, ‘everyone has worked hard for the movie’s success. I heartily thanks each and every one of them. It will be happier for the success of the film also bring some profits to the people involved with it. The film industry requires hits like this. I wholeheartedly wish a big success for all the films releasing this summer’.

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