Saturday, October 23, 2021
HomelatestNASA Claims Possible Life On Venus!

NASA Claims Possible Life On Venus!

Life On Mars NASA Finds New Evidence

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A research carried out by scientists from National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has once again opened the lid for several controversies and speculations to come by. In a recent paper published by a group of researchers, they claimed that microbes might be living in the upper atmosphere of Mars.

‘In what is dubbed as Earth’s evil twin; Venus might be hosting life. We may not see full sized aliens, or what they show in Hollywood movies. The only possible explanation we have for the microbial survival is that they might be blown away by winds to cooler cloud tops. But definitely, life exists at a microbial scale, as per our observations’, said a researcher, who is a part of the research study.

Meanwhile, another scientist claimed that NASA has been hiding key information about the discovery of soft-bodied aliens. ‘NASA has plans of going to Mars in 2030s. Because of this, they are completely trying to ignore the discovery of the aliens on Venus. I will surely blow the lid, and expose NASA’s findings, and coverings’, said the researcher.Meanwhile, NASA is preparing to send a delta-winged aircraft to Venus very soon. This will be dropped on the planet’s surface and is expected to carry studies for over a year.

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